Submitting Hacks

  • Max team size is 4.
  • All code for the project must be written on site and day of.
  • If you are competing for the Novice prize, the majority of your teammates must be first time hackers or new to CS.
  • You may bring your own hardware, but we will also be providing hardware for hackers to borrow
  • All participants must submit their hacks onto ChallengePost by Sunday, November 16th 2014 at noon.
  • You may only submit to one Grand Prize Track. If your project falls under multiple tracks, choose the track that fits your project most closely.
  • Code must be submitted to Github.

Code of Conduct

Please check the MLH code of conduct.

Judging & Expo

Judging will be done a little differently than normal hackathons. Here are the following changes:

  • Expo will be split up into 2 sections by track. The first section consists of the Poverty & Inequality and Education tracks. The second section consists of the Health & Wellness and Energy & Environment track.
  • Judges will be walking around during expo to judge for the winner for the grand prize tracks, novice prize track and API prizes.
  • Each expo will be visited by at least 2 judges.
  • There will be a winner and runner up for each grand prize track chosen to present for the closing ceremony.